How Much Are You Worth to You? – February 21, 2021

How often we hear the words of Jesus to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I italicize Jesus’s use of “thyself” because it clearly indicates, even assumes, that we do, indeed, love ourselves. Why is it, then, that most of us must work to cultivate self-love, self-forgiveness, self-compassion?

Truth be told, it’s an ever-evolving process to accept how deeply we are cherished by Spirit, to bow in humble acknowledgment that it has chosen to express its formlessness through us in form. And that is why throughout February our theme will be, “The Self-love Experiment.” Together, we will enter the laboratory of our own consciousness and allow grace to take us to higher ground.

The February 21, 2021 topic is How Much Are You Worth to You? The teachings of Science of Mind emphasize the value of self-confidence. Not in the typical psychological sense, but in the spiritual sense that we are of infinite worth because our life is a sacred gift of Spirit. Through Spiritual Mind Treatment, our individual stock goes up in value as we affirm, accept, and give thanks that we are a perfect idea in the mind of God.

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