Hoarding Versus Conserving Wisely – May 29, 2022

Loving greetings and joyous Mother’s Day wishes to all of you who are blessed to express the role of mother in our world.

The journey into demonstrating abundance begins with the realization that our part is to claim in consciousness what is already ours by divine inheritance. I invite you to join us each Sunday as together we support one another in embodying this month’s theme, “The Principle of Abundance.” As you read each of the weekly descriptions below, I encourage you to pause and consider how you are currently applying these principles and how you may expand your practice. Then, take a moment to express gratitude for all the good that is yours, even as you open to receive greater abundance from Spirit’s limitless storehouse of supply.

The May 29, 2022 topic is Hoarding Versus Conserving Wisely. Hoarding is due to an imagined fear of shortage in the future. Conversely, when a person practices wise conservation it is an affirmation that one’s needs are met not only with sufficiency but also enough to spare and share with one’s spiritual home and other humanitarian causes. So let’s set up those “fun funds” and invite the stream of Divine Supply to freely flow into our lives.

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