Heavenly or Hellish Real Estate – August 22, 2021

“Holy shift!” just might be the words that define our current times. Times wherein private citizens become astronauts in spaceships built not by NASA but through the power of their individual creative process. Times wherein our personal lives have their individual joys, as well as challenges which are deserving of our self-compassion. I invite you to join me as throughout this month we explore our theme, “Holy Shift!”, which embraces and reveals factual evidence that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience.

The August 22, 2021 topic is Heavenly or Hellish Real Estate. The notion that there actually is a geographical hell from which we must be “saved” so that we may enter heavenly real estate, has led millions to adopt forms of dogmatic religious fanaticism. Heaven is not above the clouds; it is right where we now stand. When we break our agreement with the belief in a self separate from Source, that is when we claim our residence in the heavenly realm.

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