Grateful for the Power of Imagination – November 12, 2023

I send you joyous Thanksgiving wishes and my heart’s gratitude for being a treasured presence in my life. May your celebrations with your loved ones be soulfully delicious and delightfully blessed in every way.

As we explore November’s theme, “Boundlessly Blessed,” let us consider the two words that name the special holiday we celebrate: thanks and giving. Along with expressing thanks for each day of our life, may we also give from our hearts by including our global family in our daily prayers, by opening our hearts to compassion and loving kindness. Please join us each week as together we dive into Sunday’s teachings outlined below.

The November 12, 2023 topic is Grateful for the Power of Imagination. As the great Albert Einstein wrote, “Imagination is everything; it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” What a potent metaphysical expression of truth! Today’s practice is discovering how we may unite our chosen intention with focused attention for directing the energy of our imagination to co-create with Spirit the coming attractions in our life.

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