Freedom from the Fear of Fear – July 3, 2022

Loving greetings and may you have a memorable July 4th on this special day in American history!

In addition to delicious bar-b-ques and fireworks, July 4th can serve to encourage us to contemplate what it means to practice authentic freedom in our daily lives. To support us in this process, our theme of the month is “The Empowerment of Inner Freedom.” Inner freedom gifts us with the empowerment to make choices aligned with our true essence, based on who we truly are as an individualized expression of Spirit. So if you’re open and ready for a journey into self-trust, then join us each Sunday as together we celebrate everyday as an independence day.

The July 3, 2022 topic is Freedom from the Fear of Fear. Most of us relate to fear as an enemy from which we wish to immediately escape. Yet when we train ourselves to pause in the midst of fear, take a conscious breath and remind ourselves we live our life with the full support of the Universe, we learn to work with rather than struggle against challenging emotions, feelings and events, thus freeing us from their grip.

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