Evolving Our Inner Ecology – March 14, 2021

Loving greetings and welcome to the season of renewal, rejuvenation and rejoicing in the Spirit. To those of you who are celebrating Passover, may you and your dear ones receive the fulness of its blessings.

Our theme this month is, “Evolving Your Evolutionary Process.” There are no limits to our ever-evolving spiritual potential, and I invite all of us to come together to activate this powerful law of our being.

The March 14, 2021 topic is Evolving Our Inner Ecology. As we mature in our spiritual awareness, our inner ecology evolves. As a result, we become more attuned to the universal laws governing the universe, more sensitive to Spirit’s inner guidance and grace. As Sri Aurobindo, a spiritual influencer of Ernest Holmes wrote, “The true name of Causality is Divine Law, and the essence of that Law is an inevitable self-development.”

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