"Even Jesus Had to Relocate" – April 21, 2019

Loving greetings and joyous Easter and Passover wishes to you and your dear ones. May every day of this month take us deeper into the unique inner message and grace offered for the unfoldment of our individual soul.

As I was contemplating a description of Jesus as being the great example rather than the great exception, I realized that the pattern of his life, death, and resurrection is just as true for each one of us. After all, even Jesus had to move from the comfort of his tomb and relocate into to his new dimension of living! Isn’t that what we do when we die to limited mindsets, resurrect our awareness, and relocate into a new dimension of consciousness? And that’s why—to quote the mantra of real estate—our theme of the month is, “Location, Location, Location!”

The topic on April 21, 2019, was “Even Jesus Had to Relocate.”

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