Chemists in the Laboratory of Consciousness – December 16, 2018

How sudden it feels that we are standing at the precipice of a new year! It all begins with Christmas, a tender and joyous time during which we celebrate the earthly birth of Jesus, along with birthing an overflowing love in the manger of our own consciousness. Contemplating this inspired December’s theme, A Love Etched in Forever, which I interpret as being God’s eternal, unconditional love for each and every one of us. It is in that loving spirit that I invite you to join me as each week we come together in celebration of our lives and innate capacity to birth our true nature into being.

The topic on December 16, 2018, was Chemists in the Laboratory of Consciousness. Each of us is, as Ernest Holmes reminds us, “a chemist in the laboratory of the infinite. What, then, shall we create?” The potential is limitless, for we are one with the Creative Consciousness interpenetrating every pore of the cosmos. This consciousness, which so perfectly expressed through the alchemist Jesus, can equally be known by us all—without exception!

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