A Sense of True Belonging-Is It Bull**** or Reality? – February 4, 2018

Loving greetings and welcome to our monthly glimpse into February’s spiritual explorations and theme, The Path of the Brave Hearted.

The etymology of the word brave is from the late 15th century’s Middle French and means “valiant,” and from the Italian and Spanish “bravo.” Does that cause you, as it does me, to put your spiritual shoulders back, step out of your comfort zone-and perhaps the status quo-and be brave enough to see, accept, and love yourself just as you are? Then to take that same stance for our world family where justice, compassion, and the dignity of all beings is concerned? That, my friends, calls for a collective “Bravo!” May our valiant journey begin now!

The topic on February 4, 2018, was A Sense of True Belonging-Is It Bull**** or Reality? According to Brené Brown, PhD and NY Times bestselling author, “…our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” Why is it that in spite of believing we are made from the very molecules of Spirit we remain unable to be a loyal, unconditionally loving friend to ourselves? Join us this Sunday and discover how to courageously break through the boundaries of the mental bull**** of societal conditioning and our own minds to become free at last.

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