In the winter of 2006 to 2007 I thought I had my whole life planned out. I took a job with a big corporation because I had the plans and intentions of marrying a woman who I convinced myself was the one. I was living in fear- everyone else around me was settling down, buying a house and starting families. I knew this person, probably wasn’t the right one, the job I took wasn’t the right one, and I was living way beyond my means.

I saw the Secret in November of 2006 and started attending different SOM churches and nothing seemed to feel right.
On Valentines day in 2007 not only did my relationship end with the person I was going to marry but so did the job I had.

I prayed for guidance. I wanted to make some life changes and pursue my passion which included Acting and Producing. I sold my house in Culver City and moved back to Hollywood where I used to live. After being there for two weeks, I found the HCRS online- and went the following Sunday. I was welcomed and embraced. I went from the consciousness of I’m trying to be an actor- to “I’m a working actor living the life of a working actor day in and day out.”

I took a class called the Science of Successful Living. In that class I took down my guard and learned to be authentic. I started dealing with a lot of situations that were left undone. I didn’t ask for them, they just showed up– and having a prayer partner in class really helped me. It gave me the opportunity to help someone, and at the same time, get help for what was going on in my life. My life was starting to make a huge shift and I was loving the change.

I treated and meditated daily, which brought some great things into my life. I worked on several films, developed relationships with key people who helped me get my first film produced. I had a lot of success’s, as well as challenges.

It has been a very long five years and sometimes I say to myself, how did I get through it? Well, it all started with faith, as small as a mustard seed. I couldn’t have done it, without the support of the ministerial team and the members and friends of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles….formerly the Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

I want to personally thank the following people for their friendship and support that helped get me through some rough times: Dean Mitchell, Riley Weston, James Millican, Rev. Pam, Rev. Melody, Rev. Jill, Karen Tarleton-Holland & Ken Hergenroeder.

I proudly sign this letter with my name and stamp.

David Fletcher.

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