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Affirmations to Upgrade Your Inner Receiving Station

The Spirit of God is the only substance and the only power in my reality.
An ever-increasing good is part of my everyday experience.
I give and receive in perfect balance.
I am open and receptive to the riches of life.
I accept the fullness of life.
I accept the joy of my being.
I expect to express more than I have been.
I expect to stand stronger in all that I do.
Divine intelligence guides me in everything I do.
Divine intelligence inspires me now.
Divine intelligence is now the perfection in my body.
Divine intelligence is the harmony in my being.
Divine Intelligence is the strength in everything I do.
Divine Intelligence is the infinite abundance in everything that I express.
I am the perfect expression of God’s infinite love & wisdom.
I am the living creation of pure Divinity.
I am perfection. I am complete. I am adequate.
I am grateful that this word is my reality and my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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God in me is . . .

The center of my being.

The life which I am.

Perfect, whole and complete.

The intelligence I am using every moment.

The strength in my body,

The activity which I am.

The center of my life.

Where I live move and have my being.

That which I really am.

Perfect expression.

Infinite, limitless, presence and power.

Energy and strength.

Knowing itself.

Happiness, peace, joy love.

Ever-increasing supply.

The law.

Motivating and sustaining me.

All that is.

The power that doeth the work!

This and so much more!

So it is!!

Rev. Pam

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Order is Heaven’s First Law

Just as the universe is in prefect harmonious balance, so am I. The laws governing the universe are divinely perfect. There is a rightness of events. The cosmic mind is intelligent, conscious and creative with perfect equilibrium. I am part of this cosmic energy field. Its power is a constructive force that motivates me in an organized fashion with meaning and purpose.

The God of my being is established in Divine order. There is no confusion of thought or ideas. There is always an orderly sequence of ideas in Divine Mind and I am its complete expression. Every stage of my unfoldment is perfectly designed, guided and directed. I walk a clear spiritual path with nothing obscuring my vision and plenty of space for growth. Wherever I am, everything is in its right place, proper position and in working order.

I am eternally grateful for a positive and receptive state of mind that recognizes the power of completeness. I accept this perfect manifestation of Truth, knowing it is complete, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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