Affirmations to Upgrade Your Inner Receiving Station

The Spirit of God is the only substance and the only power in my reality.
An ever-increasing good is part of my everyday experience.
I give and receive in perfect balance.
I am open and receptive to the riches of life.
I accept the fullness of life.
I accept the joy of my being.
I expect to express more than I have been.
I expect to stand stronger in all that I do.
Divine intelligence guides me in everything I do.
Divine intelligence inspires me now.
Divine intelligence is now the perfection in my body.
Divine intelligence is the harmony in my being.
Divine Intelligence is the strength in everything I do.
Divine Intelligence is the infinite abundance in everything that I express.
I am the perfect expression of God’s infinite love & wisdom.
I am the living creation of pure Divinity.
I am perfection. I am complete. I am adequate.
I am grateful that this word is my reality and my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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