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A Letter From Mary Baker Eddy

Mary Baker Eddy is the discoverer and founder of Christian Science. Here are some wise words from her that may have a familiar ring.

Letter from Mary Baker Eddy:

I have learned a great secret.
I have learned how to demonstrate.
I have learned how to make my science a thing of life and not words–and I am going to tell you what the wonderful secret is, for it is wonderful.

It is this…
Not to see or hear or report any kind of imperfection.
It is seeing, hearing and reporting good, and good only at all times, and under all circumstances and in spite of everything that appears to the contrary.
I make that resolution every morning when I first open my eyes and I renew it every hour of the day. I see perfection…a perfect cause and a perfect effect; a perfect God and a perfect man/woman…and I refuse to make any exception.
I refuse to admit the slightest imperfection of myself, my friends, my so-called enemies, in my affairs and in the world’s affairs.
I take my radical stand for perfection of God and of everything and everybody God has created. I look out on the world with God eyes and I see it just as God sees it and I refuse to see it in any other way. I don’t try except for one day at a time.
I stop a dozen times a day and renew the resolve to make sure that I am not repeating error, or giving way to fear or criticism.
I watch my thoughts about people, the lame, the old, the unlovely (to sense), that I pass in the street and even about inanimate things and stray animals, and I exempt nothing. I have taken my radical stand for perfection and I will not, absolutely will not, relax that standard. The result has been simply marvelous.
Do it and you will find that you forget your glasses, they will be unnecessary. You will be seeing with God’s eyes…God’s perfect sight and you will behold a perfect universe–the outward condition of your inward thinking.
To change the picture one must change the thought, which produces the picture.

Rev. Pam

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Where There is Doubt, Let Me Sow Faith

Faith is an attitude, so inwardly embodied, that the mind can no longer deny it.

There is a power for good in the universe greater than I am, and it is expressing as me. I have complete faith that my life is governed by the Law of Good. This good is trustworthy, reliable and sure of its actions. My faith in good keeps me free from doubt, fear and worry. I am fully sustained by my belief in a protecting Presence and an indwelling Power. Having accepted the full understanding of this truth, I live a life that is faith proof.

I believe in an invisible Power and Law, which responds to me directly and specifically. I keep faith with this all-providing good. I have absolute faith in the goodness of life. There is complete unity between the inner world of spirit and the outer world of form. The unseen and the seen have merged into a partnership. My way is paved with ideas that embody my greatest good. There is no doubt or question in my mind. I know this is the Truth of my life.

God’s ideas fill my heart with gratitude and these ideas move me forward into an ever-increasing life of joy, appreciation and happiness. I am God’s instrument of great faith and great power. I let go and discard worn-out thoughts and attitudes that no longer serve a constructive purpose. Letting God do the work assures me of a perfect outcome. The Law of Good brings everything desirable into my experience. Faith is my conviction and my reality and nothing can oppose the power of it. With gratitude, I accept this word of Truth as the Law of my life, I let it be, and so it is!

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Affirmative Action

I am the full expression of divine intelligence.

I accept the responsibility of a successful life.

I think success and release all belief in failure or delay.

Every demonstration is right on time.

The power of God within me fulfills its successful expression.

I am God’s living enterprise.

I accept my spiritual inheritance.

I am stabilized and surrounded by love and joy.

I am in sync with the creative flow of the universe.

My experiences are always a blessing.

I am fully aware that the life force of God is flowing through me at all times.

My mind is bright, clear and active.

I am fresh with inspiration.

Everything everywhere is working together for my good.

I am grateful for vibrant health, consistent happiness, a successful and prosperous life and the faith to abide in the truth at all times.

For all of this, I do give thanks, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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The Power of Love

God is the only presence and power. I am one with this presence and power. I believe that God-Power is the only operative power in my life and my belief has full power. This power is greater than I am. This power is the power of love that maintains and sustains me. There is no power that can oppose love. The power of love transcends any appearance of opposition by loving. Love knows no separation. Love does not force, coerce or manipulate. Love is a giving energy– free of effort, control and expectation.

The highest expression of love is freedom. Love is sensitive, kind and inclusive to all. It does not cling or attach itself; it is a divine energy that flows moment-to-moment encompassing everything. It is love that makes life worthwhile, meaningful, while increasing the awareness of God. Growing in love is to grow in awareness and to see love everywhere present.

I am grateful for the power of love and the positive and constructive richness it amplifies in my life. I now let this be by setting it free, and so it is!

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