Affirmative Action

I am the full expression of divine intelligence.

I accept the responsibility of a successful life.

I think success and release all belief in failure or delay.

Every demonstration is right on time.

The power of God within me fulfills its successful expression.

I am God’s living enterprise.

I accept my spiritual inheritance.

I am stabilized and surrounded by love and joy.

I am in sync with the creative flow of the universe.

My experiences are always a blessing.

I am fully aware that the life force of God is flowing through me at all times.

My mind is bright, clear and active.

I am fresh with inspiration.

Everything everywhere is working together for my good.

I am grateful for vibrant health, consistent happiness, a successful and prosperous life and the faith to abide in the truth at all times.

For all of this, I do give thanks, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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