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Spiritual Light

Let us therefore light the candle of love, human kindness, forgiveness and understanding in our own soul & let it shine brightly.
Let us not peer into the darkness, troubled and concerned because it is so foreboding & unknown.
Rather let us remain steadfast in the radiance of that spiritual light of truth within ourselves.
Let us stand guard so that the winds of malice, cross purpose, ignorance or misunderstanding will not blow out the light.
Let us so live each day that the light from our candle of spiritual knowledge will forever be clear and understood, not only by ourselves but by all whom we come in contact.

         –by Ernest Holmes

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There Is Creative Purpose In My Expression

I am one with the presence, the power and the mind of God. I see the perfect expression in myself and in everyone God has created. I am part of a Divine Plan and my life expression is included in that plan. It includes the drive, strength and motivating power to sustain and maintain the full expression of a purposeful life. It includes an infinite capacity to achieve and to accomplish. It includes the ability to be a far-reaching positive force and inspiration that attracts, empowers and benefits others.

To express and glorify God is to recognize my individual value. My life has meaning because I am divinely connected to my source. I am aware that a constructive power uses me as a conduit. There is that within me, which directs me toward the right expression for the right purpose, which brings the right results from my intentions and desires.

I am firm in my conviction of this truth and I act in confidence and calm assurance, knowing that right action prevails. In gratitude, I release this and let it be, and so it is!

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Daily Affirmations For A Happy Prosperous Life

I willingly and joyfully accept that I am part of a Divine Plan, that plan includes health, love, happiness, success, abundance and complete self-expression.

Today, I enter into the consciousness of abundance and plenty.

Everything I do prospers because I am in partnership with the Infinite.

I see prosperity in all people, places and things.

I am anchored in the consciousness of great richness and consistently manifest visible evidence of abundant prosperity.

My needs are met moment to moment.

I always have plenty to share, to spare and a Divine surplus.

Unlimited channels of abundance are open to me right now.

I accept the natural generosity of the Universe.

I give freely and consistently to God and I receive a hundred-fold increase.

I am forever grateful that every part of my being is filled with over-flowing health, love, happiness, success, abundance and divine self-expression. So it is!

Rev. Pam

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Being What God Intended Me To Be

God is at the center of my being. I am peacefully anchored in a calm center. My energy is aligned with the divine. I release myself from destructive thoughts and let my intuition take over. My creative expression is inspired to spring forth to its full potential.

I let go of any limited thought or idea and remember that I am a divine idea in the mind of God. I am the brilliance of God-mind in full action, motivated and sustained by a power greater than I am.

It is my nature to succeed. God intended for me to be a pure expression of perfect being. I lack nothing. I live a joyous life filled with inspiration, enthusiasm and deliberate purpose. Each and every idea comes with vibrancy and a purpose and the power to produce the complete and perfect manifestation. My faith is alive, active and consistent.

By means of this word, criticism is neutralized and negativity is dissolved. I am a divine being radiating my goodness out into the world. I am happy, healthy, wealthy, prosperous and the full and complete expression of creative mind. The law of perfect right action is the only law there is. I accept, believe and trust that this absolute truth is permanently ingrained in my subconscious mind. I rejoice and give thanks for this already complete demonstration, I release it to the law of mind that immediately responds by corresponding, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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New Opportunities Bring New Riches To My Life

This is a new day, a new time and a new possibility and it begins with me. I am at one with God and so is everyone else. I choose to use this truth to light my path with glorious new experiences, that enrich my life and the lives of others.

I am filled with purpose, direction and ideas that make the world a better place. All that is necessary for the fulfillment of a world that works for everyone is already established in divine mind. This is life’s adventure and life needs room for the unknown so that I may grow to greater heights. I believe that life is over flowing with goodness and all I need to do is accept it. Life is rich with blessings and the biggest blessing is that I am alive in this moment, breathing all of life in. I am significant and an important part of the universe. I am a divine idea in the mind of God. There are no barriers to what I am capable of accomplishing. I am grateful that all my needs are met.

I appreciate myself, my life and everyone in it. I declare and accept that new opportunities bring new richness to my life.

In gratitude, I rejoice in this Truth, I let it be and so it is!

Happy New YOU!!

Rev. Pam

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