There Is Creative Purpose In My Expression

I am one with the presence, the power and the mind of God. I see the perfect expression in myself and in everyone God has created. I am part of a Divine Plan and my life expression is included in that plan. It includes the drive, strength and motivating power to sustain and maintain the full expression of a purposeful life. It includes an infinite capacity to achieve and to accomplish. It includes the ability to be a far-reaching positive force and inspiration that attracts, empowers and benefits others.

To express and glorify God is to recognize my individual value. My life has meaning because I am divinely connected to my source. I am aware that a constructive power uses me as a conduit. There is that within me, which directs me toward the right expression for the right purpose, which brings the right results from my intentions and desires.

I am firm in my conviction of this truth and I act in confidence and calm assurance, knowing that right action prevails. In gratitude, I release this and let it be, and so it is!

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