Work From Within

I am One with the Presence, Power and Intelligence of God, infinite good. I live in the realization that Love, Wisdom and Truth are everywhere present. My consciousness of absolute harmony and happiness anchors me in inner security and safety. Any thought of fear is powerless and cannot disturb me in any way. I am stabilized and directed by the Divine Presence within.

All action is coordinated with poise and understanding. Every manifestation is a Divine idea revealing its complete expression and perfection. At the Center of my being is a Creative Power that thinks through me and expresses wisdom by means of me. I celebrate my consciousness of freedom and right action, which creates, produces and manifests the highest and best spiritual ideas. Peace-at-the-center of me, establishes me in calm assurance and quiet confidence.

Being at One with all power and unified with the One Source, I trust my decisions whole-heartedly. I have complete faith in the law of good that governs my life. I give thanks knowing that the work is done and the demonstration is already accomplished, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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