The Action of Spirit is Right Action

There is one mind, God. This God-Mind is my mind now. This mind expresses through me as love, peace and clarity. I supply the avenue through which it can work and express.

I know that the creative energy is always ready and willing to spring forth into being through my thought and action. All activity is divine activity and all power is divine power. My life is divinely guided and guarded and poised for right action and correct results. I fully accept that the creative law within me knows and performs every right action, on time, in time and every time. Spirit flows through me and is never obstructed by anything unlike itself. I lift my thought and change my perception and clearly see that nothing can limit me in the kingdom of God within. I lift my ambition to a higher level to include all. The principle of good accomplishes its purpose and brings those around me to a realization of their true power. I sense and see instantaneous right action taking place harmoniously and graciously.

The action of Spirit dissolves anything that is in opposition to the truth of my being. I am sustained by the loving activity of Spirit’s completeness. The limitless power of the infinite lives within me and has already provided me with everything I could possibly want or need. Right action is divinely included in the plan of my life. I claim the perfect divine design is actively operating and giving positive direction to my every thought, word and deed. I give thanks and accept this completed demonstration. I let go and let God be God, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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