Spiritual Success

There is only One Presence, One Power and One Activity. I am One with this Divine Source that actively enriches my consciousness with creative ideas. Spirit’s first language is creativity and my Divine Nature is to consciously co-create success in all aspects of my life. My ever-expanding consciousness always attracts an ever-increasing good. I don’t need to push or effort. Pure intention motivates me with the grace of Spirit’s inspiration.

The ways and means for its fulfillment are quiet and subtle, yet strong and evident. As I grow and evolve, I act with initiative and certainty. Spirit is all-complete, expressing through me in an infinite variety of new ideas. Already within the idea there is the energy, the power and the activity necessary for the perfect and complete manifestation. Spirit has no boundaries in Its expression as me. I live, move and have my being in this recognition.
I accept the Divine plan for my life. I affirm that harmonious right action is now taking place through my purposeful life and me. My desires are governed by wisdom and my decisions are infused with the power of love, goodness and prosperity for all.

I relax in calm assurance and heart-felt gratitude, knowing that the intelligence of the infinite is making all things possible now and forevermore, and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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