Spiritual Resurrection

I am one with the one Mind, Power and Presence. This limitless supreme power is a divine power over all other forces. I am the vessel through which its divine action operates. The omnipotent power of the infinite dispels discord and I rise to a new level in consciousness. Love, wisdom and truth permeate my being and fill my heart and mind with peace and harmony.

A resurrecting spirit uplifts me to triumph over all things, to die to things of the past and to live in the eternal promise of the present moment. As I quiet my mind, the warmth of pure spirit centers me in the glorious light of Truth continually impelling me to new heights. Beyond reason and logic there is a pasture of grace deep within me where wholeness is restored, where silence replaces time and where harmony unifies with balance.

The wakefulness of the Divine impulse within me lifts my thought and brings a deeper understanding of the living idea of love. Faith, hope, love and understanding live in the trust of the present moment. There is a resurrecting spirit in all of us that lifts us out of the past and victoriously leads us to an illumination of a new and renewed faith in our oneness with God. I know and absolutely trust that my life is divinely guided and guarded into right action and into correct results. I am eternally grateful for this spiritual realization that maintains and sustains me in every right and perfect way. I release this word, knowing that it does not return unto me void but it goes forth and accomplishes that which I please, and prospers in the thing whereto I sent it now. And so it is!

Rev. Pam

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