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I am a living breathing expression of God. I am peaceful and serene, joyful and harmonious. The power of the Holy Presence radiates love and light through me to everyone. I live inside God’ s highest Truth and it is my highest Truth to be a giver to life. Everyday is a season and a reason to give. To give is to live.

Living in the awareness of the presence of God within, I am comforted and provided for at all times. I am complete, content and fulfilled. My Divine Nature is happiness and I easily and joyously accomplish each task.

Life is a meaningful adventure and a Divine experience to be treasured and honored. I think into it and speak into it only that which I choose to manifest.
With God all things are possible. With a heart felt vibration and the intelligent energy back of all things, I affirm: I am Love. I am peace. I am light. I am wholeness. I am success. I am the activity of God in full expression. I am complete.

I rejoice and give thanks for being a bearer of light and a giver to life. I accept the inheritance of this infinite circle of giving and the opportunity to give of myself, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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