No More Suffering

I am at one with Divine Presence. This Presence is the source of my life. I turn my thoughts away from the outer world of effects and enter the secret place of the most high. There is no otherness. I am deep in oneness.

I willingly empty out the small chattering mind and deem it powerless, as I surrender to Divine Mind. Fear is a form of suffering and I let it go. I release and let go of all concerns. I am at peace in the quiet. I can hear my spiritual heart beat. I am clear energy, relaxed, released and relieved.

As I look deeper, I see there is nothing to do, nothing to fix. There is only this moment of life to live, and to live it fully. I now allow myself to experience being present in every moment. I am free from struggle and confusion. I am centered and balanced. All the forces are in harmony with me. I am whole and complete within myself. I am open. I am light. I am content. I am grateful. I let this be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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