My Self-Expression is God-Expression

I am an individualized expression of God-being. I accept this God Self as the power that gives purpose to my life. Right knowing controls my thinking, my feelings and my actions.
In recognition of Truth, I am divinely motivated and sustained by constructive ideas. I am my true self, which harmonizes all of my experiences into divine order. Perfect understanding enables me to appreciate and respect the uniqueness in others. Without sacrificing principle, I am flexible and cooperative with a clear and definite stand. I am open, receptive and alert to opportunities that are in alignment with and for the good of all. Any seeming opposition or false belief in a cross-purpose is immediately dissolved and unity, peace and harmony are restored.

My energy is focused on accomplishments that are constructive, valuable and useful. I am consciously directed toward the fulfillment of my true God-expression. The successful demonstration of this word is right now established as my experience. The law of mind is doing its perfect work.

With faith, acceptance and absolute knowing, I believe this to be so. With heart-felt gratitude I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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