Love Harmonizes

God is love and I am the expression of God. It is my nature to express love and to be loving. Love is not attachment or need or found outside of myself, it is where I come from. I am so conscious of love, as God-in-me, there is no discord in me, no resentment and no bitterness.

Genuine love is unconditional and self-less. Beyond words, love is a courageous and serving action, not dependent on good feelings. Love is the harmonious expression of life, excluding no one and embracing the whole of life. Harmony is courteous, grateful and healing. Love cares about others, respects others, honors others and is all-forgiving.

Love is not love until I give it away. I know love through loving. Love lifts me out of my littleness and moves me to release my greatness. Divine love harmonizes my being and I am at peace. I rejoice and give thanks, knowing that the love of God is the true activity of life, I let this be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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