Limitless Abundance is Mine

I am one with the source that created me. I am one with the limitless abundance that is God. God is the source and substance of my supply. My consciousness is established in abundance at all times.

I can afford every demonstration. I graciously receive financial supply and accept my good in all forms. I live an abundant and prosperous life in every way and willingly and joyfully share all the good I have.

I depend upon Divine Principle for my security. My consciousness of wealth consistently expands, allowing me to always have more than enough to share and spare. I receive from the Source and give to the Source. I believe in the all-sufficiency of God Mind naturally bringing forth rich blessings in my life.

I accept this absolute truth as the law of my life. In gratitude, I release it, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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