In Ways I Know Not Of

There is one Presence, one Power, one Mind and one Life God, infinite good. This Presence, Power, Mind and Life is my life now. I recognize that this Power works for me by working through me. I am surrounded by Mind that returns to me only what I think into it. Through thought, I am using a creative power that brings forth the manifestation of my thought.

God is a silent power and partner always available and ready to bring forth the right expression through me. As I expand my perception and raise my consciousness, I know that “I and my Father are One.” This Truth reveals itself in ways that the human mind cannot explain or fathom. By listening to the still small voice of God, I realize that invincible faith means never doubting or wavering and always believing that the almighty power within me is all-knowing and always operating on my behalf.

I look to the invisible side of life, not to that which is visible, and calmly surrender to the Truth of my being, which is love and cooperation. True knowing is living in a grateful attitude of acceptance for that which I desire as already being so. I believe with God all things are possible. I ask, believing I have received.
I expect the best and the best happens. The Universe is my faithful servant
and I am the active conduit for its divine manifestation.

With calm determination, great trust and invincible faith, I say thank you for
the right and perfect ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions that constantly produce the perfect manifestation in every way, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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