I Live In The Mind Of God

I only identify with the one Presence, the one Mind, the one Power and the one Life, God infinite good. It created me with its divine energy; therefore, I am a perfectly divine consciousness of wholeness and completeness. My expression is loving, peaceful, harmonious and abundantly joyful. My mind is clear, alert and active because it is the Mind of God.

The right action of God is always working through me intelligently and thoughtfully. My thoughts and actions are motivated and stimulated by an inner calm and a friendly and reasonable attitude. Divine understanding guides my way
and causes each experience to be harmonious and cooperative. I am surrounded with happiness and enthusiasm.

I have constant access to the knowingness of God Mind. I have no fear of limitation because scarcity does not exist in the Mind of God. There is no end to this all-providing source. I live a prosperous life that is rich with limitless opportunities and complete fulfillment. God gives lavishly and abundantly with plenty to share, to spare and a divine surplus.

I rejoice in gratitude and celebrate the activity of this divine Truth. I accept and trust that the Mind of God is doing its perfect work within and through me in every right and perfect way, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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