I Expect to Demonstrate

I am One with God. Nothing can separate me from the power within me. I accept that this power is all knowing and mine to use. I recognize it as a power for good and I think only of the good. My experience affirms that the Law of Good governs my life.

My desires are consistent with my ideas. Being the embodiment of an Infinite power, its action and power manifests in all the right and perfect ways. The universal creative power is acting through me effectively and in definite ways. I cooperate with this power that is operative and available at all times. It assures me that whatsoever I desire has already been accepted and accomplished in Mind.

I release this word into Universal Mind, with calm assurance, knowing that the demonstration is complete. I am filled with gratitude, limitless enthusiasm and joyous expectation, accepting and trusting that this word is the Law of my life and is now manifesting in every aspect of my experience. I confidently release it and let God be God, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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