I Am Too Blessed To Be Stressed

I am one with the Universal spirit of love. This love is divine and it governs all of life. As a part of life, made in the image and likeness of God, I am blessed with peace, poise and power. At the center of my being is a calm inner strength that peacefully secures me in harmonious living.

External pressure has no influence over me. I am not affected or limited by negative speculation. I am committed to the journey of this wonderful life. I willingly let go of any attachment to the end result and let spirit do its perfect work in and through me. All of my endeavors are accomplished with grace and ease. I have complete faith in the Law of Good and its ability to operate effectively for everyone and everything.

I know and accept with invincible faith and absolute trust that this word goes forth and accomplishes its purpose to prosper, to bless, to spread love and joy and bring peace and harmony to all humankind, and so it is!!

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