I Am the Limitless Expression of God

There is only one life, that life is God and that life is my life now. I am made in the image and likeness of God, infinite good. I am surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence that uses me to express and manifest Divine ideas. This intelligence flows through me and protects me from mistakes. I am motivated by the power of right and constructive thinking that always brings good out of every experience.

I am the expression of God-qualities–Life, Love and Wisdom. I rely upon Infinite wisdom to guide me. I am anchored in love which dissolves all discord and creates harmony wherever I am. I live in the consistent reality of my full and complete expression and appreciate the personal expansion and spiritual growth that it provides.

I welcome each opportunity as a new and larger way to express who I am. My life is maintained and sustained by the continuous action of God. Everything I do expresses right action. I know all of this to be true right here and now. In gratitude, I let it be and so it is!!

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