I Am the Consciousness of Limitless Wealth

I acknowledge that Spirit has already provided me with everything I need. My life is rich inside and outside and is not limited by things because consciousness is the creative power. The Infinite is inexhaustible and its expression is one of total givingness. Through me, it expresses the fullness of life, forever supplying me with new ideas, new thoughts and new possibilities.

My experiences of goodness continually increase and multiply. I recognize an all-sufficient source that replenishes, sustains and maintains its own richness in me and through me. Lavish abundance is what I see, accept and expect. The limitless abundance of God is active in my consciousness at all times.

The treasure house of infinite riches that is within me, lifts me to new levels of generous giving and receiving. Every moment is bright with wealth because I rely on God as the source and substance of my good and my supply. In gratitude, I release this and let it be now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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