I Am Spirit’s Channel For Expression

“I am an open channel for good to flow in and through me, freely, generously, cheerfully.”
— The Science of Mind Textbook, page 232

I am one with the Divine presence, power and life everywhere present. I am Spirit surrounded in and by love. The pure power of Spirit, the source of all creation, is in the midst of me. I am an empty vessel overflowing with Divine love and life. I rejoice in the power of infinite Spirit’s love, and radiate forth its light.

The Divine presence is working through me in wondrous ways, preparing me for new and glorious opportunities. I envision the unfoldment of a perfect plan established in harmony and blessed with the very best to express. Challenges strengthen me and caution me about conforming when it doesn’t feel right.

I trust the all-knowing mind within me, to act with wisdom and intelligence. I am at perfect peace, knowing that all avenues are open for my complete expression. By means of me, a divine potential is being expressed and bringing forth positive change by inspiring new spiritual ideas. My right expression is divinely ordained. Instantaneous right action always governs. Thank you for this Truth and the power of it. I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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