I Am Perfect Health

The Spirit within me is God, that Spirit is perfect. It is my sustainer and provider. It created me whole, complete and perfect. I am protected by its Divine Presence. There is no thought or belief in insufficiency of any kind. Every function of body is perfect and sufficiently stable in every way. Any known or unknown cause that could be detrimental is dissolved by the pure action of God’s healing power. This limitless energy strengthens me inside and outside.
Any seeming weakness is transformed into vitality and energy. I meet any condition boldly and honestly. I consciously cooperate with the creative power within. I am grateful for every experience.

I surrender all doubt, fear and concerns. I am established in an inward sense of well being that is maintained and directed by infinite intelligence. I am surrounded by the intelligence of Spirit operating through perfect law. I am healed by the revelation of the Truth in a power that is not bound or limited. This power is All-Power, operative in and through every part of my being. Perfect health is my reality and my experience. I know that the law accepts my word and delivers to me the conscious manifestation of health. I feel vibrant, fresh and resurrected.

Thank you eternal Spirit for your rich embodiment in my life. I accept this Truth. I let it be. All is well, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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