I Am God-Expressed

My spirit is a unique and individualized expression of God. God-Mind fills me with creative power and responds to me according to my understanding. This is an all-inclusive God, who by means of me expresses life.

As I embark on a journey to higher levels of being, thinking and behaving, I am guided by right ideas that make the way clear and secure. I stay steadfast in absolute Truth, trusting that I am always divinely guided, guarded and directed. All the crooked places are made straight as perfect right action prevails. Each opportunity presents a lesson in learning to trust the still small voice within.

I am a life-giving energy and this powerful energy circulates intelligence in every fiber of my being. It fuels me with constructive thoughts that stimulate new inspiration and freshness in me and all those around me. This self-sustaining energy is limitless and progressive and provides many avenues for me to successfully express myself.

I celebrate the complete and fulfilled God-Expression that I am. I stay grounded in faith, anchored in trust and immersed in love. With an attitude of gratitude, I release this and let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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