I Am God-Centered

I am God-Centered and at one with all God is. I am surrounded by one power and that is a power for good. In, through and around me, is the all-knowing intelligence of creative mind expressing its divinity. In wondrous and inspiring ways, I am the totality of pure potential, operating as a positive expression of God.

Any sense of doubt or fear is impossible because I am centered in peace and harmony, which expands into everything I do. I depend on Principle and not on outer effects. I am assured of right results by doing the right thing.

Peace at the center keeps me happy, loving and kind. I welcome opportunities that bring about healthy, constructive and cooperative experiences for everyone involved. I salute the divinity in others, as we are each expressions of God. This divine presence is life affirming with a power for good that I accept now.

I give thanks for this Truth, I let it be and so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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