I Am Abundantly Provided For

God is the source and substance of my supply. I am the consciousness of that which is God. This recognition and awareness produces and manifests my opulent, wealthy and prosperous life. I am established in spiritual richness and attract the likeness of that richness in all of my experiences. There is an ever-flowing supply of good that circulates within me and around me.

I am rich with ideas that prosper my life abundantly in everyway. Whatever I need
Is always made manifest. No thought, feeling or belief in limitation has any power. My security is assured by Divine Principle that expresses lavish abundance in me at all times.

I am prosperous being, being actively prosperous. Everything I do prospers because I am in partnership with the Infinite. I receive from the source and give to the source. All the good that goes forth from me is multiplied abundantly. I am
grateful for the continuing flow of divine supply. I participate in the circulation of God’s supply generously and consistently. I give generously and I receive generously.

I am financially independent and free. I accept the fullness and richness of life within and without. I am abundantly provided for in every right and perfect way. I give thanks for all of God’s Blessings that prosper me abundantly. I accept this as the absolute Truth, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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