I Accept These Words of Truth

Spirit is the only substance and the only power in my reality.
My mind is continually impressed with images of right action.
Everything in my life is controlled by love, harmony and peace.
Anything that I need to let go of is released in this very moment.
My whole body is full of love and I see only the light.
An ever-increasing good is part of my everyday experience.
The activity of God maintains the harmony of my being.
My life has purpose and I am joyfully fulfilling it.
I am the best in my world.
I feel empowered and confident about my ideas.
I know my word has power.
I have faith in faith.
I know and accept that I already have what serves me best.
My life is wholesome, for-giving and for-living.
I am well, perfect and whole.
I am capable of the complete fulfillment of every desire I have.
I believe that these words and the power of them have converted, neutralized, cleared and dissolved any doubts, fears or belief in limitation so that I am permanently free and released from the past.
I accept with a joyous expectancy and a consistent expression of faith, that this is the Truth and it is done. I give thanks, let it be and so it is!!

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