Growth Means Change

There is a Spiritual force that governs my thoughts, my feelings and my actions. I am one with this force, Spirit. It is the life principle of intelligence that operates in and through all. I am an ever-evolving expression of this divine intelligence always in the process of becoming.

As the layers of false beliefs are peeled away, the spiritual Truth shines forth and I am lifted to a higher level of living as Spirit. I recognize dissolving is necessary for this transformation to occur. To become something new and different, I must think new and different thoughts. This is a natural state of the creative process, in which I am fully engaged.

I am being guided by a deep urging to expand and function at a higher level of expression. I feel the inner realization of Truth that is stronger than any seeming opposition, propelling me forward to grow and expand and be the best I can be. Choosing to live in the recognition of perfect harmony, right balance and divine order, makes my life successfully happy and filled with every good thing. It is with gladness and joy that I accept this absolute Truth. I release this to the Creative Law of Mind that responds by corresponding, right here and right now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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