Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real

I am one with the presence and power that created me. I have never been separated from the infinite. In recognition of the Truth, I choose to employ faith and to fire the illusion of fear. If there are any old worn out memories or patterns of fear in my subconscious mind, I release them and know they are automatically replaced with a consciousness of love and strong and invincible faith. What a joy it is to remove the old mask of an illusion of fear and celebrate the Truth that God is the only power in my life. I look to no other power outside of myself for anything. All that I require has already been supplied.

I respect the lessons of the past, but there is no need to glorify them. I am healed from the belief in scarcity, lack or limitation. As I let the human guard of limitation down, the Divine springs forth and lovingly expresses itself through me in abundantly worthwhile ways.

I celebrate the authenticity of life and place my faith in the spiritual world, not the effects of the material world or false faces of others. I am at peace. I am secure in Spirit. I am free. I am grounded in Truth and Trust. All is well. I am grateful, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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