Faith and a Positive Outlook


What I think about I bring about.

I expect my word to accomplish its purpose.

Right action governs my life.

I meet every challenge as an opportunity.

Divine intelligence thinks through me and brings out my greatest good.

I have plenty of time for everything.

I deserve and accept the best.

I surrender to God’s activity as the only power at work in my life.

With every delay a blessing is on its way.

I work efficiently and everything I do works out right.

Ask and it shall be given unto you.

I am heir to the kingdom.

Divine right action is always working in my life. Only good comes to me.

I am strong and confident. My faith carries me to victory.

The victory is complete.

I am beautiful, loving and powerful right now.

I know what to do, how to do it and I do it beautifully.

My good is being fulfilled right now.

I expect the best and the best always happens.

I am open and receptive to greater good and greater understanding.

I am a blessing. I am blessed.

The universe is always saying “yes!”

I see each day as an opportunity to share love.

I let go and let God.

I have an invincible faith.

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