Divine Determination

I am one with the only source, God, infinite good. I am the totality of Spirit expressing itself as completeness and perfection. I am valuable and valued. I am motivated by divine determination and what I do has meaning. I am not influenced by external situations and the opinions of others. I live a purpose driven life that is sanctioned by God-power. I don’t compromise my standards or principle. I am one with perfect action and divine order. I am equal to any task set before me and use time wisely and intelligently.

Living in present time brings value to each and every moment. My belief in Truth is strong and carries full power. The divine plan for me has supplied me with an unwavering inner strength and power to override any demand. The seed of perfection flourishes in me and that perfection actively expresses itself as the fulfillment of my divine potential. I give recognition to my abilities, talents and skills and appreciate the opportunity for their expression.

I rejoice and give thanks for this perfect demonstration. This word has power and accomplishes the thing for which it is spoken, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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