Clarity of Thought

[An excerpt from The Art of Living by Ernest Holmes]

When you examine your thought, you will find it is made up of contradicting beliefs. In one moment you may be filled with faith, with enthusiasm for life, and the next moment a sense of depression may sweep over you. This shows that the thought patterns oppose each other. Mental instability and uncertainty follow. Your job is to clarify this whole field of thought and to learn to live affirmatively. Make a daily habit of using the following affirmations:

I am surrounded by an Infinite Intelligence which reacts to my thought.

I realize that the creative power of this Divine Intelligence is with me now, and I know that I am using this Power and that my word, operating through It, will cause It to bring into my experience the good which I desire. (Mention some specific good and accept is as an already established fact.)

Believing in divine guidance, I know that my mind is continuously impressed with images of right action.

I know that everything in my life is controlled by the action of Truth and Love.

I am led, guided and inspired by the living Spirit.

I am compelled to move in the right direction, always to know what to do and how to do it.

I know that inwardly I am spiritually perfect, I have complete happiness, and I experience an abundance of good. Happiness and success rightfully belong to me.

I am successful in all my undertakings. (Again consciously accept the good you desire.)

Rev. Pam

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