Believe It!

There is one Presence and one Power, God infinite good. This almighty power is within me, all around me and part of my very being. Its action of affirmative power responds to me, independent of any appearance or circumstance. I see and feel its miraculous ability to motivate me and to inspire forward progress in everything I do. I am the instrument for spirit’s limitless and flawless expression, which flows through me in a divine direction and benefits everyone and everything.

Any known or unknown limiting thought, feeling or belief that could be in the way of the creation of my vision, is now cleared away and completely dissolved. I believe that the progressive energy of right action and perfect order are always taking place and creating my desired intended results. I am in the right place at the right time on purpose. Whatever I need to know is made known to me. Infinite intelligence transcends my vision, keeping me open, receptive and creatively focused in order to manifest my true intentions.

My faith is established. My belief is strong and secure. I claim my oneness with the infinite and lovingly accept myself as its adequate expression. I live each moment believing, with joyous expectancy, that I am always experiencing greater growth, expansion and goodness. I give thanks for the power of my positive belief and for the fulfillment of this word as law, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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