Hi to all my Special Ones,

This is a shout-out and a reach-out to thank you all for your support, and to ask all of you for your continued support, as we embark on and celebrate together this new beginning in our new spiritual home.

It is summer and I know you all have many things going on in your busy lives. Sunday might be your only family day. With that in mind, I ask you to consider bringing your families and friends on Sunday for Community that is meaningful, life enhancing and fun! Remember too that after spending an uplifting positive morning at Science of Mind, our new neighborhood offers the shopping center and many great restaurants that are within walking distance from the Glendale Masonic Center.

Whether you attend regularly, once in a while, rarely, or have been away for a long time, I am reaching out to you to invite you to come on Sundays. Become a consistent and empowering part of our Center as we begin together this exciting new journey. I bet you didn’t know that people ask me about you when they haven’t seen you for a while: “Where is so-and-so and what happened to this one and that one?” Yes, you are thought about and your presence is missed. I wonder about you as well and miss seeing you.

I ask that you join me in envisioning and affirming that our Center makes a positive difference in the community and is a life-changing force for betterment in the world. The world could certainly use a coalition of spiritually minded and dedicated people, who are spiritual warriors and spiritual peacemakers. That’s us! Let’s not let the past or logic limit us. Together we can dream big, live happily and richly, and be the examples of change we want to see in the world. Our contribution – to each other and to all – makes the world a better place.

We have a beautiful sanctuary that is filled with sacred light and energy. Our Sunday morning band is now visible on stage. The sound has been improved and transformed to be in perfect balance no matter where you sit. The seating is comfortable and in a welcoming configuration. The Youth Center is located just outside the sanctuary in a large bright area that is open and inviting. After the service, everyone gathers in our spacious social room which provides an intimate setting of tables and chairs. Here our guests sit and visit while enjoying snacks and refreshments.

Our Service Ministry is expanding and always ready to share its talents and skills. If you feel called to serve, please call the office at 818.901.7600 and let us know. We would love to hear from you. As Martin Luther King said, ” …anybody can serve…You only need a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love.”

A big thank you to all of you who give financial support whether you are with us on Sundays or not. Your stewardship is deeply appreciated and valued. It touches many lives and helps to open up avenues of opportunity for others.

My prayer is that you will now embrace this as an open invitation to be an active part of our spiritual community that offers strength, inspiration and love to each of you!

Your participation matters.
You are important to this Center.
You make a difference!

Love and deepest blessings,

Rev. Pam

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