There is one presence, one power, one life, God, infinite good. I am at one with this all-knowing presence and power. Because there is no separation between what created me and me, I have all the qualities of God’s perfection–body, mind and spirit. I am health, love, beauty, joy, peace, courage and embody all God-ordained qualities.

When life offers unexpected opportunities that appear overwhelming, it is to stir up the gifts within me, so that I may have a greater understanding of truth and discover the limitless potential that I am. Nothing is given to me that I can’t handle with absolute certainty, courage and trust.

I am grateful for invincible faith and the ever-increasing strength and determination to forge ahead, in spite of all appearances. I know the power of this word now goes forth and manifests for the greater good and well being of all. Right action is the only action taking place. I live in an atmosphere of affirmative expectancy, knowing that all is well everywhere.

With gratitude, I release this word of truth knowing, believing and accepting that its right and perfect work is done, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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