General Well-Being

A Treatment for General Well-Being

Living Spirit within me which is God, uniting me with all good,
makes me one with all people, breaks down every difference
of opinion, calms every tempest of thought, stills all doubt,
casts out all fear.

I let that Divine Presence within me illumine my intellect,
direct my thought, guide my feet, and inspire me. I let that
peace which is the atmosphere of this living Spirit within me
flood me with the knowledge of perfect unity, and I know that
no good thing is withheld from me. Infinite Spirit within me
brings every good and perfect gift, and I accept the great gift of
life which is peace, joy, love, unity and wisdom.

I expect only the good, anticipate only that which is perfect.
I accept God as being perfect in me. Even in those places where
my human mind cannot fathom the apparent mystery of this
Invisible Presence, there is an inspiration of hope, a realization
of faith, a consciousness which is beyond the intellect, and I know
that I am guided into the pathway of good forever.

Ernest Holmes
It’s Up To You
[page 170]

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