I Am Free of the Belief in Limitation

I am one with Divine Life, Love and Power. I now allow the perfect power and action of Spirit to flow through me and convert any notion of limitation, known or unknown, into the supremacy of an ever-expanding limitless good. I see an abundant life. I only identify with divine goodness. I cultivate gratitude in everything I do. The pathway of peace gives me infinite freedom to receive divine inspiration. My faith transcends any belief in fear and limitation. I have complete dominion over the world of effects. I speak my word and the universe says, “yes.”

At the very center of my being, is the action of Infinite Mind guiding me victoriously. I act with wisdom, purpose and integrity. I am receptive to holy inspiration and accomplish all things with harmonious and deliberate intention. I am creatively aggressive and expect immediate results. Every demonstra-tion is complete in God-mind now. There are no barriers and I already have what I formerly thought I wanted. I accept this perfect word as the Truth of my being. In gratitude, I now release this and let it be so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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