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Personal Peace … World Peace

In this peace that holds me so gently, I find strength and protection from all fear or anxiety.

It is the peace of God, in which I feel the love of a Holy Presence.

I am so conscious of this love, this protection, that every sense of fear slips away from me as mist fades in the morning light.

I see good in everything, God personified in all people, Life manifest in every event.

Spirit is not separate from persons or events; I see that It unites everything with Itself, vitalizing all with the energy of Its own being, creating everything through Its own Divine imagination, surrounding everything with peace and quiet and calm.

I am one with this deep, abiding peace.

I know that all is well.

How To Change Your Life, Page 265 – Ernest Holmes

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Who I Am

God formed itself as me. Every aspect of me and everything about me is Divine. I was born in original innocence. I am inherently blessed with freedom and joy and a spirit of love. The essence of who I am is love, wisdom and light. I live and move and have my being in God’s grace and glory.

Living in an atmosphere of love, harmony, beauty and understanding raises the vibration around me and the world vibration. Peace is the rhythm that keeps me in tune with the Divine Almighty and allows me to move smoothly and harmoniously through life. Unity and harmony create limitless possibilities, strengthen my vision and deepen my purpose. As I move forward, listening to “one voice,” my needs are met, answers are revealed and tremendous results are being achieved. I am grateful for this truth and the power of it. I release this to the great law of mind and let it be and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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I Am Radiant Health

Regardless of any appearance, I am the embodiment of God in perfection. I am radiant health and wholeness functioning as divine energy and strength. I am vital, alive and every function of body is sustained by God Mind.

My mind, body and spirit are a blessed trinity working in harmony and balance. I see with the eyes of God and hear with the ears of God. There is a healing force and power that runs through me and maintains an immunity to anything that is unlike the wholeness of God being. The activity of God maintains the harmony of my entire being, physically, mentally and emotionally. Health is my natural state of being. I am grateful for the full functioning power of Infinite Mind always working in and through me as the vitality of wholeness, completeness and perfection.

All is well. I give thanks for this truth being the great reality in my life. I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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