Spiritual Growth Circles

Spiritual Growth Circles

Spiritual Growth Circles

“The One Supreme Spirit is within, around and through every member of this group. Each is a center of God-conscious Life, Truth and Action. Each person is the manifestation of the Divine Spirit which never tires, which is birthless, deathless and limit-less.”      – Ernest Holmes

The Purpose of Spiritual Growth Circles

The singular purpose of Spiritual Growth Circles is to facilitate and nurture individual spiritual growth. This is done by creating safe and sacred Circles of three to twelve people who meet midweek in a host’s home and discuss the spiritual principles and practices outlined in the previous Sunday’s message. Small intimate settings allow individuals to deepen their under-standing of spiritual principles, discuss how they can apply them in their lives and be sup-ported through challenges. Spiritual Growth Circles are ideal environments for spiritual growth.

Are Spiritual Growth Circles for me?

If you are committed to personal growth and believe that a focused application of the principles and practices out-lined in the Sunday message will lead to a happier life, they just might be!

How are Spiritual Growth Circles different from other small group experiences?

They may be similar to some other small groups in which you have participated, but here are some characteristics unique to Spiritual Growth Circles at Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles:

— They are focused solely on supporting the Circle members’ spiritual growth by implementing the principles and practices out-lined in the previous Sunday’s message.

— Members are committed to regular attendance and preparation for meaningful involvement and contribution.

Spiritual Growth Circles have a specific purpose. They are not social circles, service circles, book study groups, teaching groups or therapy groups. They serve a very specific purpose – to support and nurture individual spiritual growth by providing Circle members a forum to discuss and more fully embody the spiritual lessons taught the previous Sunday. The facilitator is not a “teacher,” nor is he/she responsible for the spiritual growth of Circle members. That is up to each individual member.

What are the qualifications for joining a Circle?

The only qualifications are a sincere desire to grow spiritually and a willingness to make a commitment to your growth and your Circle. That’s it. Nothing more.

What if I miss a Sunday Service?

Fortunately, an audio file of every Sunday service is posted on our website, usually within 24 hours of the service, so anyone with access to the Internet can listen to it prior to meeting with his/her Circle. For those unable to access the Internet, individual arrangements can be made.

Ready to join a Spiritual Growth Circle?

Simply sign up at the designated table in the lobby on Sunday, call the office at (818) 901-7600, or email us at office@somspiritualcenterla.org.