The Youth Center – Sundays at 11:00 am

Our Vision is to live in a world that is strong in faith and harmoniously united to achieve and experience Peace on Earth for all of Humankind. Our Center reflects and extends this vision to our youth, as they are our world’s future and play a vital role in local and global spiritual sustainability. To our youth, we provide a calm, nurturing, and peaceful environment where they can grow and expand in the knowledge that they are an individualized expression of God and a necessary and vibrant asset to our community.

We allow each young person to express their own unique individualism as they experience their spiritual journey through the teachings of Science of Mind. We aim to inspire and uplift each young mind while fostering learning through encouragement and understanding. Our Youth Center is a place where young people can call their spiritual home. We use art, music, reading, and writing as tools for inner growth, critical thinking, and self exploration. Helming our Youth Center is Practitioner, Karen Tarleton Holland, a California Board Certified Teacher.

Known for her natural teaching abilities and easy going personality, Karen is able to work with a wide range of ages and personalities while creating unity through diversity. As a multi talented instructor, Karen is able to use traditional and creative ways to challenge each young mind and instill personal self worth and empowerment in them. Her unique way of teaching makes learning fun and emotionally safe.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to meet with Karen to discuss their children’s progress. Karen enjoys meeting all family members whenever possible and is always amenable to have parents sit in during class time.